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Late Night in the Study by natblue0 Late Night in the Study :iconnatblue0:natblue0 4 3
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 9-1

“A Big Hat”
    March had arrived in Windfall, which meant that spring was now in full bloom. Many of the flowers myself and the villagers had planted had grown bright in color, and just as the ordinance entailed, we were all working hard to keep it that way. Gala and I managed to finish putting flowers by the train track fence, so now the lined up all the way across town! As for Blathers, he had since talked with Isabelle and agreed to start a new public works project to give a remodel for the museum. Many of the villagers seemed to agree with this idea, as the goal was reached within a couple of weeks!
I woke up this morning, and put on a new outfit for today. I still had the Blue Cap, of course. But I had recently bought a Grass Tee from the Able Sisters, which I thought was perfect for spring. I had also obtained a pair of Soccer Shorts, which Frobert seemed to like too. I en
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Clowning Around (Red Nose Day 2017) by natblue0 Clowning Around (Red Nose Day 2017) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 8-7

“In the Past…”
    After we made it to my house, Blaire managed to dry herself off after a bit of work. She didn’t seem too worse for wear, but she was still shivering a bit from the cold. I decided to let her borrow one of the extra blankets I had originally used with the Common Bed that the blue one replaced.
She seemed content with the gesture. “T-thanks, Nat…”
“It’s no trouble at all!” I said. “Anyway, what was it that you wanted to ask me about?”
“Well… I just don’t get it, nutlet.” She said. “Why is it that you would go out of your way to help everyone you can?”
“Let me guess. You’ve met many other people who would always ask for something in return? Or, maybe more than that?” I asked.
“Well, to put it bluntly… yes.” She said, still a bit embar
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Grumpy Davy by natblue0 Grumpy Davy :iconnatblue0:natblue0 0 3
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 8-6

“Blathers’ Dilemma”
    Once I felt like it was time to head home, I returned to the lobby to find out what Blathers needed. He seemed to be lost in thought, as if he really wanted to do something, but couldn’t for some reason.
“Hoo… what to do..?” He muttered to himself as I approached.
“Is something wrong, Blathers?” I asked. “You don’t seem too chipper despite it being night-time…”
“Oh! I’m terribly sorry, Nat. I’ve just been thinking about something lately.” He replied.
“Well, you did ask if I could lend an ear…” I said. “What’s on your mind?”
“I’ve been trying to think of a way to bring more attention to this museum.” He explained. “Now that we’re getting all sorts of exhibits from you and the villagers, I feel like the best way to do s
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''I'm coming for you, Lloyd...'' by natblue0 ''I'm coming for you, Lloyd...'' :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 5
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 8-5

“Nat’s Curtain Call”
    After setting the Laptop in my house in place of the Homework Set, which was now on top of my blue dresser, Isabelle and I returned to the main plaza where Pave was still dancing on stage. Since it was about sunset at this point, the platform now had some light fixtures attached to it, brightening the plaza. Isabelle and I pulled out our feathers from our pocket, including our newly obtained rainbow colored feather.
“So the young Mayor returns! Did you find Pavè those feathers yet?” He said, not even skipping a beat.
Isabelle nodded. “We sure did! I have some yellow ones here.” She handed them to him with a flourish.
Pavè put them away. “The bright colors make Pavè want to dance!”
Some cheerful music started playing as he danced away. Isabelle immediately broke into a dancing fit, and even I felt li
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Davy's Profile (2017) by natblue0 Davy's Profile (2017) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 3
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 8-4

“Lucky Break”
    I chased the vibrant feather down to my home, but my net caught nothing but my mailbox. Butch caught up to it while I recovered, but it was knocked away towards the cliffside. Finally, Gala made a mad dash towards it, but missed herself when it was over the cliff. She lost her balance for a moment before I caught up to her to prevent her from toppling into the water.
“Thanks for the help, Nat…” She said with some relief in her tone. “I honestly was never a good swimmer, so that could have ended badly!”
“Like you said when we first met: we all have to look out for each other!” I said.
“But, chasing these feathers like this is getting us nowhere, ROOOOOWF…” Butch added. “We have our colors, but that’s the only one we need!”
“Just our luck...” I said. “Why don’t we
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Maria's Profile (2017) by natblue0 Maria's Profile (2017) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 8-3

“The Feather Round-Up”
    Everyone who was looking for feathers gathered near my house. We all had our nets out, and were forming a plan on how we can find the feathers for Pavè.
“So… let me get this straight.” Isabelle said. “Mayor Nat and I are looking for blue and yellow feathers, respectively. Gala’s looking for pink, while Blaire is after the white ones.”
“I’m after purple ones, and Frobert is after green ones!” Rosie added. “And I think Butch is after red ones, silly…”
Butch nodded. “You bet! How do you think we should go after them, Nat?”
I pondered for a moment, but had an idea not soon after. “We should split up into groups. We can cover more ground, and the teams can work together on their colors.”
“I think you and I should team up, snortie.” Gala said.
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Alex's Profile (2017) by natblue0 Alex's Profile (2017) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 8-2

“Mr. No Dance?”
    Lots of high energy emanated from the Plaza as the three of us approached. Gala looked very happy to finally arrive, whereas Isabelle and I took a quick glance around to see what was going on. Many of the villagers were dancing feverishly! I spotted Blaire doing a Flamenco dance, while Charlise and Yuka were doing a tango together. Oddly enough, Rosie, Butch, and Frobert were nowhere to be found.
But at the heart of it all, there was a big podium adorned with colorful materials and lights. I assumed this was the source of where the music was coming from, because there were some speakers set near where a turquoise peacock was also dancing. I could only assume this was Pavè due to the multicolored feathers he had from his fanned tail.
“VIVA… FESTIVALE!” He cheered as the beat continued and Gala went to join the group. As Isabelle an
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N.Blue's Profile (2017) by natblue0 N.Blue's Profile (2017) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 5
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 8-1

“The Gathering of Friends”
   As Isabelle and I worked together on her usual paperwork each day, she seemed more and more content with me lending a hand. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was the Mayor or because she trusted me, but we always managed to get it all done by the afternoon hours. When I stopped by the Able Sisters, Labelle was selling a Festivale Accessory, which was adorned with big pink feathers and could be worn on my head. As for the new bridge, it was set up just the other day after I made a quick trip to Tortimer Island to help fund it.
One morning at around 9 A.M, I had woken up to some loud and upbeat music playing from the Event Plaza. It happened so suddenly that I didn’t quite process what was going on right away.
“Yow!” I cried out as I jolted up from my bed, now wide awake and a bit startled. “Talk about a wake-up call! What
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My own stuff! A lot of content in here, so I sorted them into folders for conveniences sake. Be sure to hit the 'all' tab if you want to see them all at once or click the pics on the left! XD

Feel free to take a look around!


Isabelle by YoshiMan1118 Isabelle :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 197 39 Animal Crossing - Filbert by SunnieF Animal Crossing - Filbert :iconsunnief:SunnieF 39 3 Animal Crossing by Deus-Marionette Animal Crossing :icondeus-marionette:Deus-Marionette 650 59 Night in the Woods Animal Crossing Crossover by hopelessromantic721 Night in the Woods Animal Crossing Crossover :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 49 13 AuTalkz II - 043 - The Disability Tree part 3 by mdchan AuTalkz II - 043 - The Disability Tree part 3 :iconmdchan:mdchan 41 42 ACNL - Blaire and Abby by BenPlus ACNL - Blaire and Abby :iconbenplus:BenPlus 14 4 Cy and Re by Nekitou Cy and Re :iconnekitou:Nekitou 1 0 Zelda Breath Of The Wild: Link and Stone Talus by AlSanya Zelda Breath Of The Wild: Link and Stone Talus :iconalsanya:AlSanya 21 3 Univerze by sJibbi Univerze :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 11 5 AC:NL - In the Purple Mist by StaciNadia AC:NL - In the Purple Mist :iconstacinadia:StaciNadia 10 5 One Day by sJibbi One Day :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 7 2 Isabelle: Animal Crossing - Mario Kart - Animation by AlSanya Isabelle: Animal Crossing - Mario Kart - Animation :iconalsanya:AlSanya 51 6 Rosie by PokemonFan92 Rosie :iconpokemonfan92:PokemonFan92 5 0 Strange trip - Animal Crossing by SELT0N Strange trip - Animal Crossing :iconselt0n:SELT0N 58 9 The new captain - Animal Crossing by SELT0N The new captain - Animal Crossing :iconselt0n:SELT0N 34 7
Just a few artworks that I like. :)


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Nathaniel (Nat)
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About Me

I'm a person who loves adventure stories, along with Video games and other things, so I decided to try my hand at writing my own, as well as a few drawings. I'm very friendly and am very happy to answer any questions you may have. I won't bite, promise!

Miiverse! : Natblue0

My Games

I currently own a 3DS, a Wii U, and a Steam Account! Make sure to ask me about any sort of friend requests on those before you send one! I won't know who it is otherwise! :D

Note me for my Username on Discord too!

Other Stuff...

My birthday badge


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I don't normally do shout-outs on my page, but I NEED to show this:

Destiny by sJibbi

Special thanks to sJibbi for making this awesome artwork of N.Blue. He looks straight out of my imagination when I first came up with this character! :D :D :D
All right, I've officially gotten rid of Skype. It's been causing some issues with my laptop, and many of my friends are now on Discord! As always, note me for my username there in case you wanna chat. :D
I'm having the strangest thing happening with my newest pic. It's been appearing and disappearing from my page, but it still shows that it had been submitted in my recent activity! Am I the only one seeing this, and is it still showing up in messages for you? I'm a little curious... :/
Is it a bad thing that I think common sense has pretty much gone out the window by this point?


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